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We are a leading Importer and Supplier of specially developed Packaging Nails and stainless steel Slate Hooks.

Operating since 1997 we have a vast knowledge and experience within both industries.

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Corufix is based in Gloucester and supply to the whole of the UK. The Corufix nail is unique, strong and durable and is a leading name in the manufacture of packaging cases and our slate hooks offer a cost effective quality alternative to slate nails.

Packaging Nails

The Corufix nail has been specially developed for use in applications where fibre boards or a similar composition need fastening to a wooden or other hard base.

It's main use is in the manufacturing of packing cases. The annular ring shank ensures maximum holding power when in constant use. Effectiveness is maintained by the square head which bites into the base to prevent any unscrewing action taking place. 

Technical Specifications:

LENGTH - 45mm
HEAD - 25mm
DIAMETER - 3.5mm
QUANTITIES: Boxed in 500's

Corufix Packaging Nail

Slate Hooks

Stainless steel Slate Hooks have been used extensively in Europe in the early 1900's, but have only been widely used in the UK since the 1950's.

They offer a cost effective and quality alternative method of fixing roofing slates. They give a 33% saving on labour costs combined with greater resistance to wind lift. There is no need for nail holes which makes it easy to remove and replace damaged slates, giving greater flexibility in roof designs. The materials mean that they are particularly suited for coastal regions.

Technical Specifications:

MATERIALS - Black Colour 304 (18/10) Stainless Steel or 316 for coastal use
LENGTHS - 50 to 160mm
QUANTITIES: Boxed in 500's

Corufux Slate Nails

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